Barlovento water reservoir, Canary Islands

Categories of members

The EGMA may have three categories of members:

Founding Members are companies who participated to the first founding General Assembly of EGMA.


Full Members are companies who joined EGMA after its Constitution by the Founding Members. Further to their admission Members are vested in the same rights as the Founding Members are.

Associated Member are companies and professional organizations that do not fulfil the criteria of the Full Members but are interested in the EGMA activities and can contribute to achieve the object of EGMA.

Condition to become a member

In order to become a Member, an undertaking will have to continuously satisfy each of the following conditions:

To manufacture GeoMembranes mainly composed of thermoplastics, utilized for liquid and solid containment as well as for waterproofing in civil engineering applications i.e. landfills, tunnels, hydraulic works, and industrial applications.

To have at least one manufacturing facility in the "Territory" producing at least 1000 tonnes per year of the above-mentioned products.

To have their own sales and marketing activity in the territory.

To undertake to adhere and effectively comply with these Internal Rules, as amended from time to time.

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