branes in PVC, Prague metro

General Assembly and Executive Committee

There are 2 General Assemblies a year to define their policy and brief the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is composed of 3elected members of the General Assembly (including the President) for a period of 2 years.

Technical Committee

The EGMA Technical Committee is concentrating on European Technical Issues related to membranes used in hydraulic works, tunnels, waste deposit sites and different kind of civil works. Its objectives include tracking the European standardization processes and upholding the interests of its members through participation in key standardization bodies and exchanging information with third parties, as well as the coordination of activities and promotion of cooperation.
Due to the broad range of applications and activities the Technical Committee is organised in three working group.

A group of waterproofing specialists work on standardization issues in cooperation with the TC 189 of CEN and the National Mirror Committes in most European countries.

Tunnel WG
A group of tunnel specialists work on tunnel related standardization and quality issues in order to secure an optimum protection of European tunnel infrastructure.

Landfill WG

Working Groups have also been set up in the fields of Communication and Environmental issues.

Environment WG

This working group will concentrate on exchange of know-how regarding health, safety and environmental aspects of plastics. Promotion of good working practices, such as post use material collection of recycling.

IIn the year 2003, a new EuPC Sector Group was set up.

Full Members are: AGRU Kunststofftechnik, Atarfil Geomembranes, GSE Lining Technology, NAUE GmbH & Co. KG.

Members of the Executive Committee are currently Mr Peter Riegl (President) and Mr Martin Driever (Treasurer).

Mr Geoffroy Tillieux has been appointed Managing Director of the association.


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